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The benefits of low level doses of radiation that positively stimulate the body's immune system.

The benefits of low level doses of radiation that positively stimulate the body's immune system are known as a process called hormesis.    "Hormesis is the stimulation of any system by low doses of any agent (Luckey, 1980a). Large and small doses of most agents elicit opposite responses. A dose that elicits a response which separates positive from negative effects is the threshold dose; it is the “zero equivalent point” (ZEP, points 2 & 5 on the  chart below by Cutler) for that specific parameter. Low dose is any dose below ZEP. Dose rate is also important. Taking one pill per day may be life-saving; taking 365 of most pills in one day would be lethal. Radiation hormesis is the stimulation, often considered to be beneficial, from low doses of ionizing radiation. Large doses are harmful. The difference is quite clear in those dose-response curves which involve both biopositive and bionegative effects. At any given rate, the physiologic response to ionizing radiation is directly proportional to the logarithm of the dose (Luckey, 1991)."  Most will recognize that vaccines rely on the stimulation of the immune system via low doses of the very thing they are trying to prevent so vaccination is also a form of hormesis.    The no safe level myth.     An introduction to radiation hormesis.    Radiation therapy is used in treating prostate cancer.    Live feed of background radiation across the USA.     Radiation used to treat cancer.     Radiation used to  beneficially treat food.    Because irradiation destroys disease-causing bacteria and reduces the incidence of food borne illness, hospitals sometimes use irradiation to sterilize food for immuno-compromised patients.

New beads are smaller!

We have new beads which are smaller and less bulky.  They are easier to wear.


"For the first time in decades, I haven't needed a steroid shot for my allergies nor have I had to take antihistamines for sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes etc.  I even baled hay and had no debilitating symptoms like I normally would!  I contribute this to wearing the large uranium beads necklace for several months prior to the onset of allergy season and I continue to wear them 24/7.  I have a better immune system and also no flu colds!  My frequent and severe cold sores have been greatly reduced in frequency, duration and magnitude as well!"  Dan - Kiowa, CO  July 2015

"And YES, of COURSE, I have been wearing my beads almost nonstop since then! AND YES OF COURSE I have noticed differences! There was one very profound incident, early on. I lay down to bed with them on and thought perhaps it would be good NOT to wear them through the night. Only because they travel up my arm a bit and then are somewhat snug. (They DO fit my wrist PERFECTLY, thank you AGAIN!) So I took them off and slid them under my pillow. Almost at once something irritated my lungs and I began coughing, a condition which did not show any signs of receding. Well. I put the beads BACK on my wrist and IMMEDIATELY the coughing ceased. Now, I did not NEED to be convinced of the efficacy of the beads, but that was certainly a welcome confirmation!!" Genevieve - Perkins Ranch, AZ  August 2015 Uranium Beads (this web site) and 3D Life, Inc. does not claim results this dramatic!  This is one customer's comments about one of our products and is their opinion that is not scientifically verified.  It is much more reasonable to see improvements such as fewer colds, allergies and general improved immune system response to illness.  See our Why Wear Uranium Beads page on this web site.

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We now offer a new bead which is smaller, more comfortable and a lowere visible profile while still providing healthy beneficial radiation.

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