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Bracelets & Anklets $18

Wear them around the wrist or ankle for flexibility and choice. The uranium beads (depending on wrist & bead size) provide approximately 500-700 micro-Rems/hr of stimulating radiation.  The bigger wrist size will provide more beads!  The number of beads/size determines the beneficial dose rate. The small size yields about 50% of optimum annual dose and the large size yields about 70% of optimal annual dose if worn continuously. 

We use strong, flexible and durable nylon cord  with a strong magnetic clasp.  The cord is strong and durable even in wet environments for active people. Measure your wrist/ankle diameter to determine which size bracelet will fit you best.  Small (7in) , Med (8in) for , Large (9in) .  Wrist/ankle diameter/size will determine the number of beads and dose rate.   Note:  500 micro-Rems/hr equates to 4.4 Rems/yr or 44 mGy/yr which should provide a near 40% immune system function improvement.  See the Why Wear Uranium Beads page for more information.

Individuals wearing an electronic implant such as a pacemaker or defibrillator should not use magnetic jewelry. Keep away from young children, if swallowed consult your doctor immediately. health wellness


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