Our Guarantee


Our Guarantee

We cannot guarantee individual health benefits from our product.  Individual responses to any biological responses vary between individuals.  Our guarantee is that the amount of potentially beneficial radiation is within a range that scientific research has deemed safe and beneficial.  We check all uranium glass beads with a calibrated pancake style Geiger counter for radiation output. This type of Geiger counter accurately measures uranium radiation at above background levels which are still quite low and guarantee them to be within the range of scientifically safe dose levels both over short-term and long-term exposures.  This check measures nearly a half-hemisphere of the source which should be very close to the dose absorbed by anyone wearing our products.  Radiation emission is very nearly zero just a foot or two from the individual necklace or bracelet containing our beads.  Each necklace and bracelet is measured and the dose rate and annual dose values are included with the product.  Though this guarantees the radiation level per each product, it does not prohibit anyone from purchasing multiple products and theoretically increasing the dose level to a potentially dangerous dose although this would require  at least 100 times more than one of our products to reach this level!  Unless someone wears hundreds of our products at once or exposes themselves to additional higher doses of radiation, that potentially unsafe level of radiation dose cannot be reached using our products alone!      If you are being treated by a doctor check with them first regarding use of our products.

Our Geiger counter showing radiation from a portion of a large necklace which emits a total of 650 micro-Rems/hr which the President of 3D Life, Inc. dba Uranium Beads wears 24/7.    Be aware, if customers measure the radiation of our products, the type of Geiger counter and measuring technique can produce differing results which seem inconsistent.  Our output levels are measured accurately and independent measurements should be done by a professional measuring service if verifying radiation  of our products.


Do not swallow or internally ingest our beads just as all non-edible objects!  Our radioactive beads are no more dangerous than any other similarly sized and textured object if swallowed.  Keep away from small children who might swallow or potentially choke on the beads or become unsafely entangled in our products!  Even if unintentionally swallowed, the beads should pass naturally through the body but consult a medical professional if swallowed just to be safe.