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We currently offer an 18 inch necklace providing approximately 1 milliRem/hr (about 50-60x normal background radiation) of beneficial radiation.  Each necklace provides  about 90% of optimal dose rate if worn continuously.  Necklaces come with your choice of strong magnetic clasp (pictured) in convenient 18 inch (45.6 cm) length strung on strong, flexible and durable nylon cord.  Each bead is 1/4 inch diameter (6mm) and the necklace weighs just over 1 oz.  The cord is knotted and glued inside of the barrel magnet clasp out of sight with an industrial strength adhesive to provide a secure attachment for beads allowing you to wear in wet or harsh environments.   The standard clasp is a magnetic clasp for convenience.   Note:  1 milliRem/hr is about  8.76 Rems/yr (87.6 mGy/yr) stimulation to the immune system or about a 40% increase in immune system performance.  See the Why Wear Uranium Beads page for an explanation of the scientifically proven benefits and to understand why we chose this stimulating dose level.

Individuals wearing an electronic implant such as a pacemaker or defibrillator should not use magnetic jewelry. Keep away from young children, if swallowed consult your doctor immediately. 

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Now offering smaller less noticeable beads.  They still provide the same beneficial stimulation of your eimmune system. health wellness uranium jewelry

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