Uranium beads glow under a black (UV) light.

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Geiger Counter demonstrating radioactive output level.

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Hormesis In Action


Radiation Hormesis Graph

The  chart to the left shows the biopositive region of stimulating radiation levels above the dashed line.  The left/vertical axis shows the ratio of biopositve immune system response to increasing beneficial radiation which is shown on the bottom/horizontal axis of the chart. For example, #2 shows a factor of 1 at 1 mGy/yr thus no increase in immune system response.  #4 shows about a 50% increase in biopositive immune system response at 100 mGy/yr which is the maximum for biopositve response which then drops off with increasing levels of radiation but still stays positive until reaching a much higher level of 10,000 mGy/yr, yet no bionegative response even at that much higher level. 

Our products fall into the chart in the 10-100 mGy/yr region of the chart  between the points 2 & 4 on the upward sloping curve at  about 35-50% positive immune system response with maximum or near-maximum biopositive benefit!      Note that the area to the left side between graph points 1 & 2 below the dashed line is the area where normal background radiation levels reside and are bionegative!  Also note that the same area on the right side  between graph points 5 & 6 of the chart below the dashed line is the area of very high radiation levels which are also bionegative!

Informative Documentaries

Two very good documentaries on  nuclear energy and uranium appeared on PBS recently (2015) and can be watched free online.     The first documentary is "The Bomb"  and the second is "Uranium-Twisting The Dragon's Tail."   I recommend watching them both. Alternate link to The Bomb and Uranium-Twisting The Dragon's Tail