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Beneficial Radiation


The benefits of low level doses of radiation that positively stimulate the body's immune system are known as a process called hormesis.  Our necklaces and bracelets provide beneficial yet safe levels of radiation.

As sunlight is beneficial to the health of people, animals and plants, so to is our product.

Improvement in body’s immune system.  •Improved reproductive system fertility in women.  •Lowered risk of cancer.  •Potential allergy relief.  •Reduction in number of colds.  •Improved repair of DNA.  •Longer more healthy cellular life.  •Faster wound healing, and increased resistance to toxins, infections, and tumor cells.  •Cancer mortality rates were significantly decreased (almost 50%) in accidentally irradiated nuclear workers.  •Increased tolerance to accidental radiation events.      Uranium beads will glow under black light!

Simple & Effective


Uranium beads are small glass beads which contain elevated but safe levels of uranium which can improve the body's natural immune system functions and thus enhance health!  The uranium is contained within the glass bead and will provide the same radiant level for hundreds of years.

Better health inexpensively


For under $50 anyone can promote better immune system function by simply wearing our beads.

Would you spend less than $50 to potentially reduce your risk of getting cancer by up to 40% with a product that keeps on giving well beyond your lifetime?  This web site offers you this possibility.  How about potentially increasing your lifespan?  Our products offer scientifically proven low doses of beneficial radiation that could do just that.  Read the documentation and decide for yourself if you agree and then order our products!

Chernobyl Wildlife Thrive!

Radiation is good for wildlife

Flash!  Animals living in Chernobyl high radiation zone are thriving proving the benefit of elevated but safe levels of radiation!

October 6, 2015   Almost 30 years after the Chernobyl nuclear accident, wildlife is thriving in high background radiation levels of what is considered to be "chronic levels of radiation stress" in the zone where only humans are prohibited (the Exclusion Zone) while animals thrive in a wildlife refuge called the Polesie State Radioecological Reserve (PSRER)!   I thought high levels of radiation were bad for people, animals and insects?  The Chernobyl experience proves that the concept of all levels of radiation being harmful to life is a flawed thesis! Chernobyl proves that "chronic radiation stress" is actually beneficial to human and animal life.        

Researchers said: their findings point to "wildlife's resilience in the face of chronic radiation stress.   In contrast, our long-term empirical data showed no evidence of a  negative influence of radiation on mammal abundance. Relative abundances  of elk, roe deer, red deer and wild boar within the Chernobyl exclusion  zone are similar to those in four (uncontaminated) nature reserves in  the region and wolf abundance is more than 7 times higher.  Additionally, our earlier helicopter survey data show rising trends in elk, roe deer and wild boar abundances from one to ten years post-accident. These  results demonstrate for the first time that, regardless of potential  radiation effects on individual animals, the Chernobyl exclusion zone  supports an abundant mammal community after nearly three decades of  chronic radiation exposures."      

The study in Current Biology confirms the scientifically established fact that 'high' levels of radiation that are not too extreme are beneficial to people and animals!  See this for more on beneficial radiation.  The governments of the world and media have been propagandizing the world's people with the flawed concept that all radiation is bad for health for decades!  It is a lie!      While very high levels of radiation are harmful and people and animals can be harmed even fatally by very high levels of radiation, what is considered to be 'dangerous and unhealthy' to people and animals is actually beneficial.  The study by Current Biology and parroted by other news agencies attribute the thriving wildlife in the Chernobyl refuge to an absence of people while downplaying the affects of elevated radiation levels. This seems to me to be part of the great propaganda effort promoted by world governments and mainstream media for decades which is sorely lacking in credibility.

Land around Chernobyl is now teeming with elk, deer and wolves. Photo: Sergey Gashchak/Chernobyl Cen
Land around Chernobyl is now teeming with elk, deer and wolves. Photo: Sergey Gashchak/Chernobyl Cen